OxBase is a future community that has urban amenities with rural tranquility. It is a collection of projects that aim to solve the annoyances of our current situation that we we'll use to build this community in 5-10 years.

Projects Links

  • Land

    • Map of locations where we'd like to live.

    • Property Analysis

    • Land Use Planning

  • Buildings

    • Automated Chicken Coop - A chicken coop designed to take care of 5-10 chickens.

    • Automated Greenhouse - A greenhouse designed plant, grow and harvest salad greens.

    • Energy

    • Manufacturing Standards - Efforts to keep standards between building projects.

  • Governance - How we'll make decisions.

    • Delegated Voting - A proposed method to give the right people the power to make decisions.

    • Member Controlled Entity -

  • Economy